A-5 Conquering a Corrupt Culture by Raising Christian Communicators - Andrew Pudewa

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“Conquering” implies that we are in an extended campaign --a war-- for the heart of our
Christian society, now corrupted by a continuous onslaught of relativism in thought, art, and
morality, resulting in a culture of death, debt, and despair. We, as Christian homeschoolers,
must have more than just “nice” reasons to homeschool-it’s not about academics; it’s about
reclaiming Western Civilization for Jesus Christ, and the choices we make every day have
eternal significance as we strive to raise up a generation of young people who will be
empowered to communicate the truth in a world of liars and lead their clueless peers through the
coming crises. We have an immediate and urgent responsibility to raise up an army of “culture

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