A-4 Learning Is Neurological: Workshop #1 - Sharon Madsen

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Consider with me in detail the origin and purpose of the Evolutionary-Birthed Phonics
Philosophy of Education and compare it to the Word’s answers to these questions: 1) What
characterizes godly instruction? 2) What is the godly “goal of instruction?” 3) What is God’s
“method of instruction?” 4) What is the “indispensable content” of instruction? 5) Who is able
to teach? 6) Who is able to learn? 7) What are promised results of godly instruction? Do I
duplicate, perhaps innocently, the world’s anti-God method of instruction, believe its philosophy,
use its terms, and follow a curriculum (even when I say I “don’t use a curriculum”) patterned
after evolution’s “conditioned response, selection of the fittest, godless ideology?” Has God left
me no “witness” by which to identify “destructive instruction?” Can I by “Spirit-made-known
truths” teach better than the world teaches, even if my personal instructional experience has
huge holes in it? Finally, do my “in-home” teaching results differ from the world’s “at-large”
results? Let’s rejoice together as we perform explicit tasks and document explicit answers from
the Divine Revelation.

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